Chris Garner

Cockpit Posters Popular at The PrintShop

The PrintShop, located in the Blaze Commons, is operated by the FSS Marketing Department. It is a great resource for training materials including large format cockpit posters of the T-6, T-1, and T-36, which are printed and can be mounted on 30×40 foam board. Many times they are also laminated. The shop prints and binds manuals, laminates checklists, and other jobs for student pilots and anyone who needs PrintShop services.

Marketing is also responsible for publicizing all of the events and activities for the 14th Force Support Squadron’s facilities. They do it through a number of channels and touch-points that reach the base community. The channels include both print and digital media.

Digital consist of television displays in high traffic areas around the base, engaging social media posts, email blasts to all military computers, website events and banners, interactive digital magazine, interactive displays, mobile app, and push notifications.

The marketing staff produces posters and graphics that are placed in sign holders at strategic places on the installation. This WHAC! Magazine is published by each month that advertises the coming FSS events. These are placed in all the mailboxes at Columbus AFB.

The Marketing office handles commercial sponsorship and advertising. Commercial Sponsorship provides local businesses access to the military market in return for promotional consideration. The funds generated through sponsorship and advertising help to enhance events with additional amenities to make them more fun and enjoyable.

Recently marketing did a complete overhaul of the FSS website: The new website design helps make viewing easy no matter what device you are
using. Whether computer screen, mobile phone, or tablet, the site adjusts to the correct screen size. This is especially good since most people are accessing the site via a mobile device, which makes it even more important for it to be mobile friendly.

Another feature of the new website is a community events page. Area contributors from area entertainment, theater and arts, festival organizers, music, family shows, and much more.