Dog Park

Columbus AFB Dog Park
The all new dog park is now located between Magnolia and State Housing!

Is Fido’s social life lacking? Does he sit around all day staring out the window? End your dog’s loneliness and meet some fellow furry friends at Columbus AFB’s dog park! Located in the between State and Magnolia Housing (grassy area adjacent to the Child Development Center), this local attraction gives your dog the room to run, have fun, and socialize with other canines. The park is open from dawn until dusk.

We ask that you please be courteous and clean up after your dog.


  1. Pets must be “on a leash” at all times when outside the fenced area of the home.
  2. A pet is considered to be a domesticated animal living in association with a household. No more than two pets per household are allowed. A pet that weighs more than 100 lbs. will not be accepted. Certain breeds of dogs are not allowed, including but not limited to Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, and Doberman Pinchers, Wolf Hybrids or any canine breed with dominate traits towards aggression.
  3. Residents are responsible for keeping the grounds clean and sanitary. All yards and common areas must be kept clean of pet droppings.  Residents must pick up and properly dispose of animal waste in their yard.  Residents who walk their pet/s must carry a plastic bag to retrieve and dispose of any droppings. It is a violation of the Pet Policy for any Resident to simply “turn out” their pet and recall it at their convenience.
  4. Pets shall not be tethered outside the home. Pets must be in the home or behind an approved fenced area in the backyard if unattended. Avoid leaving pet food outside for prolonged periods of time, as it will attract vermin and pests.
  5. Residents will be asked to remove any pet that constantly disturbs other Residents, whether inside or outside the home, or prevents the Landlord’s agents and employees from properly performing their duties. If Resident fails to remove said pet, when requested by the Landlord, the Lease may be terminated in accordance with established guidelines.

For More information on the Base Pet Policy, contact Columbus Family Housing at 662-434-8213.