Education Center

Columbus AFB Education Center

DSN 742-2562
Commercial: (662)434-2562 or (662)434-2561

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Welcome to the Columbus AFB Education Center. We provide educational testing services as well as degree programs through partnership colleges.  Also be sure to visit the Air Force Virtual Education Center for more information.

The Educational Center at Columbus Air Force Base is located at 81 Ward Street. The Education Center offers education advisement and testing services. Local colleges offer two and four year undergraduate and graduate programs. Call the Columbus Air Force Base Education Center for more information about specific programs at 434-2562.

Military Testing

The Military Testing office is located at 81 Ward Street, Building 916, Suite 14 of the Education Center. Tests such as CDC, PME, DLPT, OPT, DLAB, AFCT, ACT, TBAS/TAPAS, HAZMAT, FAA as well as others are offered. Most testing is offered on Monday (0800) and Thursday (1300). Email of call 434-2563 for more information on testing services.


Good news. The very popular AF COOL Program was able to expand its existing
contract to accept new funding applications. One change you will see is a
priority system. AF COOL program will now prioritize funding requests and
secure payments in the following order:

1. Members within 90-150 days of separation or retirement
2. Members who are pursing AFSC related credentials only (with no
preparatory courses required)
3. All other requests

Read the Brochure

Please refer to your AFVEC account for status of your funding request.

Saint Leo University

Degree Programs Offered at Columbus AFB:LOGO-STLEO

  • BA in Business Administration with emphasis in Management or Technology Management
  • BA in Criminal Justice (additional specializations available: Homeland Security & Criminalistics)
  • BA in Psychology
  • Master in Business Administration

SLU offers CLEP and DSST testing and accepts up to 39 credit hours.

Columbus Center Director
Bldg. 926, Suite 11

National Test Center / Saint Leo University

Administers all CLEP and DSST ExamsLOGO-EXAMS

  • First Exam free for Military Personnel and DoD Civilians

    • Retests on Self-Pay Basis Plus $25 Test Admin Fee
    • All Others Pay Test Fees Plus $25 Test Admin Fee
  • DL College Exams – Must Pay $25 Test Admin Fee
    • Debit or Credit Card Payment Only

Military Personnel and DoD Civilians Must Obtain Test Voucher Online, Then Call (662)434-8844 to Schedule Testing Date/Time

When you have completed the sign-up for the exam, contact Saint Leo University at 434-8844 to schedule your exam.  Exams are 2 hours long and can be taken between the hours of 0900 and 1400. 

On test day:

  • Due to pandemic, contact Amber Bradley via email prior to test date for updates:
  • Students must have 2 forms of ID. One must be a photo ID with a signature, like a driver’s license.  The second ID for military personnel must be their military ID in order to waive fees.  Civilians may present a second ID with either a photo or signature.
  • Civilian students must pay a fee to CLEP/DSST for the exam by credit card, check or money order and a separate $25 administrative fee to Saint Leo University by debit or credit card.
  • Do not bring food, beverages, writing utensils, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, listening devices, calculators, photograph/copy devices, alarm/calculator watches, transmitting/receiving devices, or any electronic devices, etc. Any personal items must be stored in a designated area.
  • Appropriate behavior is essential in order to maintain a secure testing environment.

Columbus Center Director
Bldg. 916, Suite 11