Located at the BLAZE Fit Trail

DSN 742-2772

Commercial: 662-434-2772 

Free Footgolf available 24/7 at the BLAZE FIT TRAIL. 

Soccer balls are available to borrow in the Fitness Center. 

Two of the world’s biggest sports put into one…Welcome to Footgolf!  Developed in 2006, this soccer & golf combination has started to popularize all over the world and is growing at a rapid pace!  The popular European sport is quickly transcending to America where there are well over 400 certified courses.  Of those 400 plus courses, Columbus AFB is proud to be the 1st to implement the sport in the great state of Mississippi!    Golf can be a very tough sport to learn and requires lots of dedication and continual repetition to achieve low scores, but anyone can kick a soccer ball.  With 21-inch holes scattered across our luscious 9-hole golf course, you’re sure to sink that 20 footer to claim victory among your friends and family!  You don’t have to worry about anything like which club number to use, all you have to do is kick the ball!

If you are curious about FootGolf, then check out this 3-minute video introduction