Nature Trails

Columbus AFB Nature Trails and Perimeter Road

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Open Year Round! 






Timberlane Nature Trail Area

Columbus Air Force Base has several nature trails available for use (see map link below).  These are some of the few nature trails in the area that are open to bikes, horses, and even Government ATVs.  The ATVs are only allowed for Security Forces, Civil Engineers, and others working the area, not the general public, sorry.  The trail network is made up of three different trails: Dogwood, Willowoak, and Sparkleberry. They vary in length from 1 to 2.5 miles.  

Each trail will bring you back to the SAC lake parking area.  Follow the trail markers and learn about the plant and animal life on the protected wetlands that the paths make their way through. Whether you are looking for a great place to spend the afternoon with the family, or looking for a more interesting running route, the trails are a fine place to spend the day.  Just remember: Take only pictures – Leave only footprints.  

Click here for a map of the Nature trails.

Perimeter Road

Love to ride bike trails but can’t find one suitable for a 5lb graphite frame racing bike off base?  Well look no further!  Many of you have probably run or rode a portion of Perimeter road on a monthly “fun run”, but for most of us, it would be more fun to bike around Perimeter road!  From any starting point on base, a complete circle around the base is 12 miles…A 40 minute warm up lap for strong riders or a 1hr sweat for average riders.    

The road is partially gravel, partially washboard, partially paved.  Fat tires, a shock mounted seat, and fork shocks go a long way to making it more comfortable.  If you like the idea of a traffic free road, it may be worth a couple of shekels to upgrade or accessorize your bike.  

Click here for a map of Perimeter Road.