Private Organizations

Private Organizations

DSN 742-2319
Commercial: (662) 434-2319
FAX: (662) 434-2327

Most squadrons have coffee funds, flower funds, or other small operations – all examples of unofficial activities. When an unofficial activity’s current monthly assets exceed $1,000 over a three-month period, the activity must become a private organization.

A private organization (PO) is a self-sustaining special interest group set up by people acting outside the scope of any official position they may have in the federal government. They operate on Air Force installation with the written consent of the Installation Commander.

POs and unofficial activities may not engage in frequent or continuous resale activities. The Installation Commander has authorized the Mission Support Group Commander to approve an occasional fundraiser such as bake sale or car wash. The prohibition of continuous resale does not preclude collective purchasing and sharing of purchased items by members of the PO or unofficial activity. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Private Organization POC at (662) 434-2325.

The Air Force Instruction which governs POs is AFI 34-223.

  • All unofficial activities on Columbus AFB, whether POs or not, must submit fundraiser requests for approval. Fundraisers are limited to two (2) events per calendar quarter and may not be conducted during the annual AFAF and CFC campaign.

Private Organization Starter Package

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Current Columbus AFB Private Organizations:

  • Columbus Spouse Group
  • 14 OSS Booster Club
  • 1st Sergeants Council
  • Fire Bird Fund
  • Alley Cat Booster Club
  • Air Force Sergeants Association
  • Airman Activity Council
  • Air Force Ball Committee
  • Bengal Tiger Booster Club
  • BLAZE 56
  • Buzzsaw Nations Booster Club
  • Company Grade Officer’s Council
  • Top 3 Association
  • Fire Fighters Association
  • PPAAFF Booster Club
  • 14 MSG/LGR Booster Club
  • Friends of Airmen & Family

Contact (662) 434-2325 for more information on any of the PO’s listed above.