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Compulsory School Age Attendance

In Mississippi your child MUST start school in the year when he or she will be Age 6 (six) on or before 1 September. Your child must continue to attend school and comply with the homeschool law at least until the year when he or she will be Age 17 (seventeen) on or before 1 September.

The Compulsory School Attendance law also applies to any child who is less than 6 years of age on or before 1 September if the child is enrolled in a full-day public school kindergarten program. While Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten are not compulsory grades in Mississippi when the Parent/Legal Guardian opts to enroll the child in Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) or Kindergarten (age 5) all compulsory attendance laws apply. In addition once started the child must complete the school year. Withdrawing the child from school part way through the year is not permitted for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

Complying with Mississippi’s Homeschool Law

Each year on or before 15 September, you must submit a Certificate of Enrollment. To obtain the Certificate of Enrollment contact the School Attendance Officer for the public school district that your child would otherwise attend. Prior to submitting your Certificate of Enrollment to the Attendance Officer make a copy for your records. If submitting your Certificate in-person request a document receipt. If mailing your Certificate it is strongly advised that you use Certified Mail-Return Receipt in order to have proof of mailing.

Local Attendance Officers

School Attendance Officer (SAO) for Lowndes County
SAO   Polly Dentry
Address 2217 7th Street North Columbus, MS 39705
Ph. 662-243-1677            Fx. 662-243-1677

School Attendance Officer (SAO) for Lowndes County
SAO   Janice Logan
Address 3419 New Hope Road Columbus, MS 39702
Ph. 662-328-1119            Fx. N/A

School Attendance Officer (SAO) for Lowndes County
SAO    Nicole Bryant
Address 215 Hemlock Street Columbus, MS 39702
Ph. 662-241-7200            Fx. N/A

The Importance of Record Keeping

While it is true that Mississippi does not have teacher qualifications for homeschooling, or require standardized testing, specific subjects, curriculum content, or even a set number of days of instruction, for homeschooled children; parents/legal guardians are strongly advised to maintain detailed records of their homeschooling program. Such records will be vital if you ever face an investigation regarding your homeschool. Your student will also need to furnish proof of education for any of the following: reenrollment in another school district, military entrance, college applications, vocational-technical programs, work permit, or driver’s license permit.

Local Homeschool Groups

1.  Columbus AFB Homeschooling-Find them on Facebook OR connect on the Base App 14 FTW

2.  CHELC (Christian Home Educators of Lowndes County

3.  Starkville Open Homeschool-Find them on Facebook

4.  PEAK Tupelo

5.  The Wild Magnolia Tribe-Find them on Facebook

6.  Starkville Christian Home Educators (SCHE)

7.  Magnolia State Home Educators   228-380-0431

8.  Mississippi Homeschool Life, LLC

9.  The Homeschool Mom

Organizations for Homeschooling

 Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

 Home School Laws by State


Online Homeschooling Options

  1.  Connections Academy K-12th 
  2. K12
  3. ABC Mouse
  4.  Adventure Academy
  5. Khan Academy

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