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EMAIL: 14FSS.Marketing@us.af.mil

The 14th Force Support Squadron provides community service programs that enhance quality of life for active duty military members, retired military members, civilian personnel and their respective family members and dependents. These programs support our mission by boosting morale, productivity and retention.
By partnering with us through our various Commercial Sponsorship Programs, businesses help provide events that educate and instill confidence in our youth, entertain our personnel and promote a sense of community both on and off base.
Unlike other government programs, our regulations permit us to highly advertise and provide sponsor recognition to your company.

By sponsoring our events, companies can take advantage of a wide variety of promotional opportunities within the military community. Some of the benefits are:

  • Display company name/logo on promotional materials
  • Distribution of press release announcing sponsorship of event distributed to base, and in some cases, civilian newspapers
  • Announcements at the event of sponsors’ name and support
  • On-site signage, product displays, and demonstrations
  • Commissary and Army/Air Force Exchange Service promotional displays may be possible
  • Possible displays in Lodging and Dining facilities
  • VIP status at events for major sponsors
  • Event recognition: “Sponsored in part by…”
  • Product sampling and display opportunities on bases

Ways to get your product in front of military consumers:

  • Commercial sponsorship can be arranged through solicited or unsolicited procedures.
  • Purchase advertising at one or more of our various venues only available through this office. For more information, contact (662)434-2337.

Columbus Air Force Base’s Commercial Sponsorship Programs allow businesses to receive promotional exposure in exchange for financial support, product, or services-in-kind to enhance our base events. Opportunities are available throughout the year either on an event-by-event basis or annual sponsorship of our facilities’ programming. Businesses are permitted to engage in promotional activities on bases only under special circumstances and only through Force Support Squadron’s morale, welfare and recreational programming.

Unsolicited sponsorship may be arranged for programs and special events developed by the sponsor and offered to the military as a program to enhance existing morale and welfare programs. Interested businesses may also indicate their interest in sponsoring a future event conducted by the Force Support Squadron.
Interested sponsors can submit unsolicited proposals by calling (662)434-2337.


Annual Opportunities
For several years, we have had a very successful Annual Fitness and Sports Sponsorship Program to offer sponsors year-round exposure through sponsor recognition on sports field ad boards, flags in the gymnasium, sponsor recognition on all media marketing the sponsored events (i.e., annual Blaze Race, Bench Press Competitions, Softball Tournaments, etc.).
This program runs on the fiscal year, from 1 Oct to 30 Sep, each year.
We also have year-round opportunities for the Youth Center
and our Newcomer’s events available.

By Event Opportunities
Contact our office for upcoming events you may wish to sponsor.
Here are some examples:
Spring Fling at the Youth Center
Annual Car Truck & Cycle Show
Open Houses & Air Shows
Bowling Tournaments
Super Bowl Party at the Club
Brunches at the Club
Library Events
Month of the Military Child
Tailgating Event
Sports & Fitness Events
Youth Events

Advertising Sales Available at Columbus AFB
Ad space may be available in our event calendars, activity directories, electronic marquees, inserts in mailings sent to our patrons. We also have digital advertisements placed in high-traffic locations around the base.

For more information about sponsorship or advertising opportunities at Columbus AFB, contact (662)434-2337.