New Work Life Consultant at CAFB Military Family Readiness Center


The Military & Family Readiness Center has all the resources to make searching for a job a lot less stressful. The Employment Readiness Program offers no-cost, one-on-one consultations, programs, workshops, and services to help families through the job search process.

Jayne Hume is the Work-Life Consultant at the MFRC for Columbus Air Force Base. Hume’s focus is to guide spouses and family members on career planning, job hunting, and resume writing, as well as provide coaching for interviews and negotiating strong offers. Every DoD card holder is eligible for programs at the MFRC and can walk in or schedule an appointment.

Ms. Hume is able to assist at any stage in one’s career. Whether entering into a whole new field, looking to move up in a position, or searching for a temporary position locally – the MFRC is well-equipped to make any scenario much easier.

Resumes & Interviews: A resume is the key to obtaining interviews and Hume will help make sure every resume advertises key skills and abilities. When it comes to the job interview process it’s the opportunity to market the resume, and personal qualities, and learn more about the position.

Federal vs. Civilian Resumes: Ms. Hume says there is a big difference between a resume for a federal job and a civilian job. A civilian job resume should be brief and concise, consisting of one or two pages maximum. However, a federal job resume can be five pages or more and must include detailed information about work history, skills, and experience. Additional background information may also be required for the vetting process.

Job Searching: Ms. Hume is able to walk through how to navigate job search sites like USA Jobs, which can be complicated to navigate alone. Hume provides helpful resources such as the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). MSEP helps spouses search for jobs online by connecting them with companies eager to hire those associated with the military. Another resource she provides is the Job Seekers’ Guide which is a great tool for federal job resumes.

The Military & Family Readiness Center’s major function is linking service members and their families with the right resources to meet their specific needs while at CAFB and beyond. The MFRC supports individuals and families with programs that strengthen communities, encourage self-sufficiency, enhance mission readiness and resiliency, and ease adaptation to the military way of life.

Please call or stop in the Military & Family Readiness Center at (662) 434-2790 and experience all the different ways they are there to help.